Newfoundland and Labrador - a rare find


Newfoundland and Labrador is geologically diverse and is richly endowed with a wide spectrum of minerals, including iron ore, base and precious metals, uranium, tungsten, molybdenum, antimony, and rare earth and industrial minerals. Our multi-billion dollar mining industry provides a wide variety of commodities to the world market.

The land mass of the province is larger than many countries, such as New Zealand, Germany, and England. It remains relatively underexplored compared to other mineral-rich jurisdictions, thus creating a rare opportunity for mineral resource investment and new mineral finds. There are opportunities for further exploration, as well as joint ventures and investment. Our stable political and regulatory environment provides predictability and security for those looking to invest in the province.



The Island of Newfoundland represents an emerging, underexplored gold district, where focused exploration for precious metals was essentially non-existent prior to the early 1980’s. Gold has been mined from epithermal (gold-copper) and orogenic (gold-only) deposits, and as a by-product in several volcanogenic massive sulphide (VMS) operations. Production from orogenic and VMS deposits is continuing, and a number of new advanced projects are targeting similar deposit styles. Ongoing exploration is also directed at both high- and low-sulphidation epithermal deposits. Recent option- and joint-venture-agreements, coupled with new claim-staking, indicate renewed interest in these underexplored terranes.
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Iron Ore

The Labrador Trough of western Labrador and adjoining Quebec is host to world-class deposits of Proterozoic iron ore that have been mined for more than half a century. This 1,100 km-long belt contains several major open pit deposits which together have produced in excess of 2 billion tonnes of iron ore. Existing reserves and resources suggest the region could see production for many decades to come. Strong demand for iron in recent years has spurred new developments in the region and plans for expansion at existing operations. Substantial resources have been de­ned and there is ample room for new investment.
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Well-preserved volcano-sedimentary terranes that constitute much of Central Newfoundland comprise a highly prospective, base-metal-rich greenstone belt of early Paleozoic age. This part of Newfoundland includes well-known mining camps dating back to the mid-19th century, as well as deposits in or nearing production, and an array of advanced base-metal exploration projects. Production has been derived from volcanic-hosted massive sulphide deposits (VMS) formed in a variety of paleotectonic settings. Polymetallic (Zn-Pb-Cu-Au-Ag) deposits occur in calc-alkalic rocks in more mature arc environments, whereas copper-dominated deposits are hosted by primitive ophiolitic and tholeiitic rocks. Although, by their nature, VMS deposits are relatively small, there are two world-class VMS mining camps in the northeast Appalachians; the giant Bathurst camp and the very high-grade Buchans orebodies. Many of those in Central Newfoundland are high-grade and/or gold-rich (e.g., Rambler camp). Thus, they are attractive exploration targets. Newly identi­ed resources are being de­ned in these proli­cvolcanic terranes, and active exploration projects are yielding impressive drill results.
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Programs & Assistance

Geoscience Program

Natural Resources carries out impartial, state-of-the-art geoscientific investigations throughout Newfoundland and Labrador in order to interpret and explain the province’s geological evolution and to describe, interpret, and explain the distribution, nature, quantity, and origin of the province’s mineral resources. Specialists are also available free of charge to help you identify areas of interest and connect you with industry.

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Junior Exploration Assistance Program

The program provides funding for 40-75% of approved exploration costs, up to a limit of $150,000 or $225,000 depending on the region. The program aims to increase the mineral inventory of the province and advance finds to the stage of defining NI 43-101 compliant mineral resources.
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Matty Mitchell Prospectors Resource Room

A public-private partnership, this facility offers assistance to the prospecting community by providing them with mentoring, technical support, and promotional assistance.
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Mines in Production and Proven Reserves

Publicly Available Geological Studies, Data (Government and Industry)

Large, Underexplored Land Mass, Ready for New Surveys

Stable Operating Environment

Diverse Geology with Bulk Commodities, Base and Precious Metals

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