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Environmental and Clean Technologies

Our province has a large number of natural resources including seafood, forestry, mining, and oil & gas. These industries, as well as the often remote nature of their operations, have spurred the development of unique environmental technology solutions. Many of the technologies are designed to mitigate risk, alert operators of issues, and increase the efficiency of the response.


Ocean: Our companies have developed technologies to support resource development in a safe and sustainable manner. Unique radar technology has been developed specifically to detect ice, oil spills, and small objects. Other companies have developed technologies and expertise in subsea, surface, and aerospace observation as well as mapping and ocean monitoring.

Rural and Remote: Traditional, capital-intensive approaches to remediation, wastewater treatment, and drinking water treatment are cost-prohibitive in many rural or remote locations. Our companies have developed low capital, yet highly effective, natural treatment approaches to protect the environment and communities. These approaches are also suitable for industrial remediation in mining and energy.

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The Department of Tourism, Culture, Industry and Innovation (TCII) promotes the development of the province’s environmental & clean technologies industry.

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