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Information Communications Technology

Spurred by the applied research and technology cluster around our university, our companies have developed solutions for diverse sectors ranging from oil & gas to financial services, movies, marketing, and fleet management. These innovations are not only industry tested, they are industry driven. They increase security, safety, efficiency, and reduce costs.


Cyber Security: Our companies have developed proprietary software and approaches to help companies protect their data and meet regulatory requirements. Verafin’s fraud detection and anti-money laundering software is used by over 1,500 financial institutions. Camouflage data masking solutions help financial institutions, universities, and insurance companies protect their clients’ data.

Asset Management: Whether it’s fixed machinery, vehicles on the move, or even team members, our companies have developed both remote sensing and workflow tools to help companies increase efficiency and safety in their operations. SkyHawk Telematics specializes in vehicle tracking in harsh conditions. Radient360 offers asset management tools for oil & gas and industrial applications. BlueDriver is a leading diagnostic tool and app for personal vehicles, and Solace Power enables many technologies, including AUV and wearables, through its wireless battery charging technology.

Digital Media: From gaming to workflow management, our companies are exporting their solutions to the world. Celtx helps producers of feature films and series manage the process from scripts to post-production. OtherOcean Gaming develops games for both consoles and mobile for the world’s leading platforms. HeyOrca provides advertising agencies with a workflow management tool for all aspects of social media, from content creation to approvals and posting.

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The Department of Tourism, Culture, Industry and Innovation (TCII) promotes the development of the province’s information & communications technology industry.

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