Newfoundland and Labrador Goes All-in on Immigration

New pilot program makes immigration a main pillar in future economic plans.

When leaders from all four Atlantic Provinces came together to develop the Atlantic Growth Strategy, there was no question that immigration would play a prominent role if the strategy were to be successful. The economic and cultural benefits of immigration is embraced and celebrated by our leaders, and that enthusiasm for welcoming new people into our provinces trickles down to the local population.

As a result of the Atlantic Growth Strategy, a new pilot immigration program was launched to facilitate and simplify the process of immigrating to the Atlantic Provinces. Embraced by the provinces as a way to grow and diversify an already skilled and innovative workforce, the pilot program will assist immigrants in finding stable and meaningful employment while laying their roots in a place they’ll learn to love calling home.

A look at the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

Becoming a permanent resident of Newfoundland and Labrador has never been so streamlined. We’re welcoming immigrants to our province with open arms, and our enthusiasm for growing our diverse population is reflected in our modern immigration policies.

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program is designed to ensure that qualified skilled workers and international graduates can easily navigate the steps they need to take to become permanent residents. Eligibility is clearly defined for three groups: High-skilled workers, intermediate-skilled workers and international graduates.

High-skilled and intermediate-skilled workers must have at least 1,560 paid work hours at one occupation in the past three years, along with a Canadian secondary education (or international equivalent) and a full-time job offer on the table. International graduates must have a minimum 2-year degree, diploma, certificate, trade or apprenticeship credential from an institution in an Atlantic province and at least 2 years of being a full-time student in Canada.

For full eligibility and application details, please visit

Opening the door to a more diverse future

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program, along with the Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Nominee Program (more info: are integral to the development of this province. Less complicated immigration policies are a win for everyone involved, and immigrants to this province will quickly find that locals are warm and receptive to the changing landscape. They welcome the great potential and fresh perspective that immigrants have, and hold a strong belief in the spirit of community and hospitality. Newfoundland and Labrador is truly becoming a sought-after destination for immigrants across the globe.